Prudential | Stream Dot

Stream Dots open up a new world of design possibilities. You no longer have to “fill in” with harsher standard downlights. Stream Dots have the same form factor as downlights, but look and perform uniquely Stream-like. The entire design can now have Stream’s soft, signature glow — like sunlight funneled through the architecture.

BLACKJACK | Starburst

All sparkle and sharp angles, the dimmable Starburst chandelier works well in a variety of applications once dominated by incandescent fixtures. The Starburst is made of fabricated steel with stainless steel arms tipped with custom laser cut acrylic light guides. The pendant is available in four finishes with an adjustable stem kit.


The NanoLED NXT is a complete 2.5″ aperture LED downlight product family. Coupled with USAI’s industry-leading optical performance and perfect color consistency, NanoLED NXT is the best architectural lighting solution for a low-profile appearance.

Vokslyte | Tangent Down

The Tangent Down system from Vokslyte is composed of segments which seamlessly join together. A multi-section luminaire has no maximum length. These beautiful sculptural luminaires can be supplied in recessed mounted, pendant, and surface mounted versions.

Fabbian | Beluga D57

The Beluga collection is the most prolific collection of Fabbian, with pendant, recessed, wall and ceiling lamps. The spherical diffusers rotate to any desired position and are available in different sizes and materials. Beluga is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fluxwerx | Loop

Loop from Fluxwerx is a suite of linear suspended and recessed LED luminaires for retail, commercial, institutional and healthcare environments. Multiple high performance direct and direct/indirect general area lighting versions and an independently controlled up/down switching option. Available in both suspended and recessed configurations.

BEGA | 84 063 Bollard

BEGA’s 84 063 is a shielded bollard with wide spread light distribution. The result is robust and striking. The LEDs are shielded from direct view and the reflector directs the light onto the illuminated surface. The four posts interact to create an impressive light pattern with a high level of illuminance on the ground.

Astro | Edge

Astro’s Edge 560 wall luminaire is perfect for any interior design. The fixture can add a subtle glow to any clean minimal design scheme. An ETL-approved version of this product is available. The Edge can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally and is ADA Compliant.

3G | Mira

A decorative pendant luminaire that incorporates LEDs and mirrored acrylic to create a unique lighting effect. An inner white sandblasted acrylic diffuser subtly glows through the mirrored box while simultaneously creating countless reflections of itself. The pendant appears simply as a mirrored box when the lamp source is turned off.

Juno | SlimForm Downlight

Juno SlimForm LED Surface Mount Downlights are economical, surface mounted LED fixtures with an unobtrusive profile that cleanly integrates and compliments a décor. These fixtures are ideal for use in areas
with limited plenum space or when recessed downlights are impractical. The SlimForm can be utilized across many applications including bathrooms, closets, hallways, outdoor canopies and more.