Eureka | ARENA

Authentic, timeless circular design meets today’s needs. Specify and reconfigure multiple light sources on the ARENA platform to create a unique look and personalized light distribution. With its discreet, innovative power ring and instant magnetic connections, ARENA puts illumination in your hands.

Targetti | ZENO

Zeno is track projector equipped with an optical system that can vary the beam opening in a dynamic way passing gradually from a concentrated Spot type emission.  Zeno DBS combines some of the most advanced technology in terms of optical systems and digital control in one fixture.

Nulite | Sero

Sero is a modern expression of lighting technology contained within a sleek and elegant form ideally suited for general illumination within office spaces, and schools.  Nulite’s Sero adds a modern touch to any space. At the  core of this suspended fixture is an open optical system that effectively delivers direct-indirect lighting to work spaces while completely…

Prudential | Stream Dot Pendants

Prudential’s Stream Series is ideal for commercial and residential projects where the ultimate goal is to enable the beauty of the architecture to shine. Stream’s ‘Veiled Ambient’ illumination is designed to be experienced –
photography doesn’t do it justice – its ‘barely there’ presence radiates wondrously uniform light from every angle.

Ledra: Molto Luce | Lash System

The contemporary design and variety of sizes and form will allow for endless applications and design elements. Lash is an organic shaped LED surface or pendant mount with opal diffuser made of rotomoulded polyethelyne. With the Lash system, you can connect up to ten fixtures to create a unique design in any space.

Modern Forms | Box

Sometimes you need to think inside the box, which is why we crafted this design with a continuously adjustable beam of light that ranges from 15 to 45 degrees. This is installation-friendly minimalist design at its finest, with cutting-edge technology, easy-to-use features and the flexibility to mount on both ceilings and walls.

LucePlan | Stochastic

Composed of glass spheres at different heights, Stochastic by LucePlan takes on infinite combinations in a sort of controlled freedom: each sphere is connected to small steel rods of different lengths that can be attached to the structure according to your own creative impulses. The light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is…

Lumetta | L2 Acoustic

The L2 Collection is all about creative expression. Take the double layer appeal of the L2 Collection and pair it with the functionality of colorful, acoustical material. The result? The L2 Acoustic. A perfect coexistence of the decorative and functional to enhance various settings by illuminating beautifully and softening noise.

Ledra: Molto Luce | Ride

The low-profile design of the Ride system provides more space to the visual eye. With recessed, surface mount and pendant application options, Ride provides versatility for any application. Whether area or accent, there is an attractive insert element that will effectively illuminate the objects below.

Targetti | Febo Evo

FEBO EVO blends seamlessly with architectural surfaces, enhancing materials and textures. This ground or wall fixture by Targetti illuminates a grazing light effect that is perfect for lighting vertical and horizontal surfaces. FEBO Evo creates light effects as a “pure blade of light” and the result is a completely uniform beam without light leak.