The 3G-4PDSL is a 3.5″ linear downlight slot pendant with one piece of extruded aluminum housing. With the option for continuous or individual runs, the design opportunities are endless. The extruded aluminum faceplate with fixed downlights allows for customization on the spacing and an indirect LED distribution.


Brenta is a homage to one of the most beautiful and evocative materials in the history of architecture. It is solid and durable while fluid and artisanal. Inspired by the unconventional use of concrete in the recent history of architecture, Brenta brings sophisticated indoor shapes to the world of outdoor lighting and furniture.


The SWEA LED high bay luminaire from Nordeon is smooth, clean and robust. Gyms, training facilities, and sports arenas can all benefit from Swea‘s robust construction and smooth design. Swea rules out the risk of the
lighting panel chipping or splintering under stress.


Each of the Dot’s 24 arms ends in a shallow reflector with its own center metal dot. With a ring of LEDs behind the dots, light bounces off the reflector’s interior surface to distribute illumination evenly and in all directions. Blackjack’s Dot pendant is available in two colors and can accept up to four additional…