The Short Cylinder Nano Family is a high-performance LED luminaire that is ideal for intimate commercial, residential or hospitality applications and delivers up to 2000 lumens from a 2.75 in diameter. Available in lengths of 6 in or 9 in, the Short Cylinder Nano comes in a number of finishes, or can be color-specified to your taste. Its…


Planeta is a large-area LED light with unusually high light output. This indoor luminaire from BEGA’s Limburg Collection opens up new and creative design options in many areas of architecture. A crystal glass disk, white frosted on the inside and fitted flush with the frame, distributes the light uniformly onto the surface to be illuminated.


Yttrium’s minimal aesthetic is completed by carrying the low voltage power through the aircraft cables. Playing on the chemistry terminology, losing or adding a spoke creates Y -1 or Y +1 states respectively. Various configurations lend to different light distribution patterns. Yttrium, in its natural state, has three rotational spokes, which rotate around a non-existent body.