Eureka | ARENA

Authentic, timeless circular design meets today’s needs. Specify and reconfigure multiple light sources on the ARENA platform to create a unique look and personalized light distribution. With its discreet, innovative power ring and instant magnetic connections, ARENA puts illumination in your hands.

Targetti | ZENO

Zeno is track projector equipped with an optical system that can vary the beam opening in a dynamic way passing gradually from a concentrated Spot type emission.  Zeno DBS combines some of the most advanced technology in terms of optical systems and digital control in one fixture.

Nulite | Sero

Sero is a modern expression of lighting technology contained within a sleek and elegant form ideally suited for general illumination within office spaces, and schools.  Nulite’s Sero adds a modern touch to any space. At the  core of this suspended fixture is an open optical system that effectively delivers direct-indirect lighting to work spaces while completely…