Lumetta | L2 Acoustic

The L2 Collection is all about creative expression. Take the double layer appeal of the L2 Collection and pair it with the functionality of colorful, acoustical material. The result? The L2 Acoustic. A perfect coexistence of the decorative and functional to enhance various settings by illuminating beautifully and softening noise.

Ledra: Molto Luce | Ride

The low-profile design of the Ride system provides more space to the visual eye. With recessed, surface mount and pendant application options, Ride provides versatility for any application. Whether area or accent, there is an attractive insert element that will effectively illuminate the objects below.

Targetti | Febo Evo

FEBO EVO blends seamlessly with architectural surfaces, enhancing materials and textures. This ground or wall fixture by Targetti illuminates a grazing light effect that is perfect for lighting vertical and horizontal surfaces. FEBO Evo creates light effects as a “pure blade of light” and the result is a completely uniform beam without light leak.