SPI Lighting | Vallejo LC Pendant

Rethink layered lighting with the Vallejo LC Pendant from SPI. The luminous body provides an additional vertical lighting component that eliminates the cave effect and provides a comfortable source of brightness recognition. The Vallejo 4” & 6” offer serious integrated downlight options up to 1100 lumens.

LF Illumination | EF300 System

The EF300 from LF Illumination is a complete system of linear LED luminaires that can be mounted in any number of configurations including recessed trim or trimless, surface mounted to the ceiling or the wall, or suspended from the ceiling via aircraft cable. EF300 uses highly efficient LED sources and is available in three sizes.

Matrix Mirrors | L1

The L1 from Matrix Mirrors is a full frame inset lighted vanity mirror offered in multiple sizes, color temperatures, and light outputs. Choose between a direct or both a direct & indirect light source. The fixture dims with an electronic low voltage dimmer and an optional anti-fog demister is also available.