BEGA | 84 516

With a flat design and a luminaire luminous flux of more than 41000 lumenS, this series sets new standards with regard to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Available in very narrow, narrow, wide or flat beam, this LED high performance foodlight designed for a diverse range of applications such as bridges, large signage, and facades.


BEAM 2 LED can deliver surprisingly efficient direct, indirect, and asymmetric light distributions, with optional MR11 downlights. With a clean trim detail, BEAM 2 LED can be recessed in various ceiling types, as well as in walls. Pendant, surface, and wall mounting (ADA compliant) is also available.


With breakthrough ocular Anidolic optics and the latest LED technology, Aperture delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to combine quality illumination with contemporary architecture.