Zenith elevates a simple strip of light into an architectural luminaire with clean lines and dramatic, just-unique-enough configurations. Flexible in its simplicity, this luminaire from Prudential is ideal for both ultra-modern and raw industrial interiors. It kicks the minimalist aesthetic up a notch, enhancing your space with a geometric halo of light.


Chisel reveals the light’s shape and dimensions with soft luminous gradients and textures that add depth and character to any design. With five different forms and the same high performance expected from any Mark Architectural Lighting luminaire, Chisel offers the freedom to create unique lighting clusters or design for a traditional grid.


The Split wall sconce from Modular is the result of improved folding techniques. Split consists of a single folded plate with a fine slit allowing Split to provide up and down light. The asymmetrical design makes it ideal for areas like living rooms, bedrooms and hallways that would benefit from atmospheric lighting.


Targetti’s Patheon is a seemingly weightless suspension fixture with soft, smooth lines that hide a technological LED core. This suspended pendant combines pure design with efficiency to produce a high quality lighting effect. Patheon’s volcano shape emits light harmoniously making it perfect for any design.