Visa Lighting | Scope

Visa Lighting’s Scope is an elegant outdoor fixture allowing configurations for uplight, downlight, and dark sky. Available in sixteen powder coat paints with white LED, the Scope is ideal for mounting along paths of egress and to window mullions or walls.

Prudential | Snap

Meet Prudential Lighting’s basic building block, Snap, with Industry-leading optical performance at up to 117 lm/w. The LPA lens turns Snap into an outstanding Stack fixture ideal for warehouses or libraries. Choose from square or round lens options in satin and white acrylic. Create zig-zag patterns with the Snap’s 90-degree corner options.

Fluxwerx: Profile Spoke

Utilizing the latest technologies, Fluxwerx’ Profile Spoke delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to integrate quality illumination with contemporary architecture. Pure and simple. Through and through.

Fabbian | Crio D81

The Crio from Fabbian product range includes three sizes of pendants (2′, 4′ and 6′ diameters) for indoor use, available in different finishes and colors. The outer structure is a solid hand-made multi-faceted aluminum structure where an interior acrylic element hides the light source providing light from a glowing dome.

Wagner | Bantam

This post mount luminaire is designed for wall grazing and pathway illumination with mounting options for railings, walls, decks, and entry structures. The Bantam provides an inconspicuous architectural solution for new or retrofit applications and egress compliance opportunities.

DMF Lighting | DRD5S

The DRD5S was engineered from the bottom up to cut costs without cutting corners. From it’s highly efficient light engine to its amazingly simple installation process, the DRD5 is an excellent value at installation and for the entire life of the product.

Louis Poulsen | Above

With the introduction of Above, a new pendant by Danish designer Mads Odgård, Louis Poulsen showcases an overtly simplistic lighting design. The Above pendant features a graphic triangle with an arch-shaped opening at the top, revealing the simple cord, creating a downward light and a discreet upward light, resulting in a subdued and pleasant ambience.